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Age: 22yr | Weight: 52kg | Vitals: 34-29-34 | Complexion: Fair

Breath-taking model gazal-9910701241

Ghazal is no stranger to the camera and her modelling experience has really paid off for her in modeling and acting. Her natural hair and sweet eyes have always attracted from fashion observers looking for required female models in delhi.Her cheeky grin, porcelain fair skin and her tall, slender and sexy body is really appreciated in modeling industry. She has a true modeling frame and get admiration about her fit figure for modeling and acting and is utterly dedicated to both ends. She adores getting the most pleasure when approached for female models required in delhi for photo shoot. She is playful and imaginative, very open-minded model who stops at nothing to make sure in having a great time facing camera.



Imaginative and inspiring, the ultimate model girl

Ghazal is no exception to her passion and dedication that completes her work in a sophisticated and professional way. She is fully aware with all the latest trends and the most current of fashions. She loves to dress exotic making her look the part for high modeling jobs in delhi for freshers. She moves like a professional dancer and will entertain you with her flexible, rhythmic body. She is the kind of model mostly much fantasize about. So what more perfect setting than this - to meet an exclusive model cum actress to top modeling auditions in delhi. She is free bird, forever hungry for new adventure and knowledge. She's stunning and intelligent with magnetic sensuality matched with her strong, vibrant personality. However, she is soft and natural, brimming with style and charm, easy to communicate without attitude. She loves ample attention to make her modeling fantasy a reality.

An elegant model who loves the jet-set style

Gazal is the type of model who is seeking and finding ways to be popular with best modeling agencies in delhi ncr. Heads turn, jaws drop when she breezes her appearance. Her darkest brown hair, flowing all the way down her most appealing posture. A glimpse of her tanned and toned endless legs through figure-hugging exotic dress will haul you fully to hire her as your female models in delhi for photo shoot. Her rigorous sports regime has given her strong and supple body with top elegance and sensuality. Tall, sexy and semi voluptuous, she will leave you breathless with results.

Vip style model

If you want high-class model who is stunning and elite glamour girl then she is the one for required models for print shoot in delhi. She is a rare breed combining a charismatic personality with an gifted beauty, truly a charming person around. She is in love with life and particularly enjoys maximum while inquired for required garments models in delhi. She is the right person to stimulate attention, not least of her qualities is that she is a perfectionist and pleases people around with her no attitude personality of exquisite model.

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